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    The Cellar Treasuries of wine-growers

    You just enjoyed a champagne that you did not know and wish to continue the experience at home or open it to friends, relatives?
    Our cellar offers you a large selection of grower champagnes for some nice discoveries and emotions.

    You can take away the bottle you just tried or be adventurous within our large selection of cuvees.

    Partenaires Champagne Ils nous accompagnent

    1Jacques Picard 2Jacquinet Dumez 3Roger Manceau 4Arnaud Beaufort 5Liébart - Régnier 6R. Faivre 7Trudon 8Guy Charbaut 9Lancelot Pienne 10Trepo-Lerriguier 11Jacques Defrance 12Bertrand et Bernard DOYARD 13L'HOSTE Père et Fils
    Jacques PICARD_LOGO

    The grower is located in Berru on the Montagne de Reims. The vineyard spreads on hills of 3 villages around Reims and Epernay: Berry, Montbré and Avenay-Val d’Or, the last two being classified 1st growth. The champagnes are reflecting the terroir of those villages. Their expression, associated to the know-how, offers typical wines. Their common points are the fruitiness and the aromatic finesse

    Leurs cuvées

    Blanc de Blancs

    Les Bénis


    In the 1st growth village, Les Mesneux, Aline & Olivier, independent growers, use their own language. For Aline, the wine creates connections, exchanges and shares. For Olivier, it represents his expression base: his freedom of creativity, originality and requirement. Thus, a very special vocabulary has been created. Discover the other language of the champagne: the one of intuition, emotion, conviction and especially the one of sharing.

    Leurs cuvées



    Logo Roger Manceaux

    Champagne Manceaux, it is 5 generations of passionate growers, 5 villages of the Montagne de Reims: Rilly la Montagne, Taissy, Trois Puits and Villers-Allerand, all classified 1st growth and Mailly Grand Cru.

    Leurs cuvées

    Brut Nature

    Blanc de Blancs

    Blanc de Noirs

    Collection 2015

    logo-Arnaud Beaufort noir

    A family of growers founded 6 years ago, Champagne Arnaud Beaufort & Fils remains faithful to the traditions carried on by growers of Champagne. The domain is located in Trépail, on the South-East side of the Montagne de Reims, classified 1st growth. Thanks to a know-how passed on from father to sons, Arnaud produces a champagne of exceptional quality with passion. The vineyard is planted of 90% Chardonnay and 10% Pinot Noir.

    Leurs cuvées

    Blanc de blancs

    La Fleuranne

    2005 100 % Chardonnay


    Located in the heart of the Marne Valley, a family business with a vineyard on both side of the river in the villages of Vauciennes & Baslieux-sous-Chatillon. The 35 plots of the family vineyard grow on clay & limestone soil. The family works the 7 grape varieties of the A.O.C. Champagne: Meunier, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and in lesser quantity, the old ones: Arbane, Petit Meslier, Pinot Blanc and Pinot Gris. The diversity of those grape varieties and the specificity of the soil offer a wide aromatic pallet to the blends and also some unique particularities of the Champagne region.

    Leurs cuvées

    Sur le grand marais

    Les sols bruns

    L’Enclos – 100 % petit meslier

    Rubis des Grès


    bloc marque R.FAIVRE OK

    Few kilometers away from the capital city of the wines of Champagne, Belval-sous-Chatillon is located in the triangle “Dormans-Epernay-Reims”, unique terroir of the cuvees of their domain. The house DNA is the Meunier, king of the terroir of Belval. This grape variety offers a complexity of aromas matching fruitiness and delicate finesse.

    Leurs cuvées


    Reflet Naturel

    Les perles du paradis

    L’Or de Faivre


    Champagne Trudon, located in Festigny, works the 3 classic grape varieties split as follow: 90 % Meunier, 6 % Pinot Noir and 4 % Chardonnay. The specificity of the Meunier provides wines of many aromatic characters, depending on the age of the vine, the exposure on the vineyard. The village of Festigny benefits from a very special topography: located in the bottom of the valley of Flagot, a Marne river affluent, the vineyards are facing the 4 cardinal points. The plots of Champagne Trudon are located all around the village: a richness of exposure which offers a wide range of expression of the grape varieties growing over there.

    Leurs cuvées




    Instantanée 2016

    GUY CHARBAUT_bloc_marque

    Growers from father to sons for three generations, Guy Charbaut family kept the character of their house to preserve the prestige of the brand and the quality of their production. The major part of their vineyard is located on privileged crus, classified 1st growth of Avenay Val d’Or, Bisseuil and Mareuil-sur-Aÿ, producing quality champagnes with an excellent presentation

    Leurs cuvées


    Blanc de blancs

    2014 Extra Brut

    Rosé de saignée

    Logo Lancelot Pienne

    The vineyard is located in the heart of Champagne, in Cramant. The plots are cultivated on the terroirs of the Côte des Blancs and in the Marne Valley. The love of a know-how transmitted from generation to generation, the passion of the soil, vineyard and the work of wine-grower, provide perfect full-control in the vineyard and during harvest. The very fragmented single plots require a very special attention and insure a large diversity of vine types, offering a wide pallet of aromas during the blending.

    Leurs cuvées

    Accord Majeur

    Table Ronde

    Marie Lancelot 2014

    Logo Cartouche blanc

    Located on the Vitryats hills, the vineyard of Trépo-Leriguier is mostly covered of Chardonnay grapes. Bertrand produces sharped cuvees enhancing the expression of the Chardonnay of this exceptional terroir. Man of conviction and commitment, Bertrand defends with passion the values of the Vitryat hills and advocates for the recognition of the quality and specificities of their wines.

    Leurs cuvées

    Célèbrons l’instant

    Cuvée Nocturne 2009

    logo Jacques DEFRANCE copy

    For one century, Louis, Roger, Jacques and today Christophe Defrance produce great blends with the wines of their terroirs. Located exclusively on the “finage” of Riceys, the domain is mainly planted with Pinot Noir and Chardonnay

    Leurs cuvées



    Exception Pinot Blanc


    Our winery is located in Vindey, a small Champagne village, south of the Côte des Blancs, in the hills of Sézannais (Marne). Winegrowers from father to son for more than three generations, we produce our own champagnes from chardonnay (white grapes) and pinot noir (black grapes).

    Leurs cuvées

    Réserve Blanc de blancs

    logo champagne l'hoste

    Located on the limestone hills of Vitryat, the vineyard benefits from a perfect terroir for the development of Chardonnay, the dominant grape variety on the estate. The hills provide perfect sunshine for the ripeness and aromas of the grapes.

    Leurs cuvées

    Les Loges Chardonnay

    Voir la liste
    1. Champagne Jacques PICARD - 12 rue du Luxembourg - 51420 BERRU
    2. Champagne JACQUINET-DUMEZ - 26 rue de Reims - 51370 LES MESNEUX
    3. Champagne Roger MANCEAUX - 5 rue de la Liberté-51500 RILLY-LA-MONTAGNE
    4. Champagne Arnaud BEAUFORT et Fils - Rue des Neigettes - 51380 TRÉPAIL
    5. Champagne LIEBART-RÉGNIER - 6 rue Saint Vincent - 51700 BASLIEUX-SOUS-CHÂTILLON
    6. Champagne R.FAIVRE - 68 Grande Rue - 51480 BELVAL-SOUS-CHÂTILLON
    7. Champagne TRUDON - 1 rue de la Libération - 51700 FESTIGNY
    8. Champagne Guy CHARBAUT - 12 rue du Pont - 51160 MAREUIL-SUR-Aÿ
    9. Champagne LANCELOT-PIENNE - 1 Place Pierre Rivière - 51530 CRAMANT
    10. Champagne TREPO-LERIGUIER - 19 bis rue Saint Libaire - 51330 VANAULT-LE-CHÂTEL
    11. Champagne Jacques DEFRANCE - 28 rue de la Plante - 10340 LES RICEYS
    12. Champagne Bernard et Bertrand DOYARD - 7 Rue de la Tuilerie, 51120 Vindey
    13. Champagne L'HOSTE Père et Fils - 11, rue de Vavray, 51300 BASSUET

    Autres boissons de la Frigousse

    Vins Ratafia Champenois Bières Soft

    Coteau Champenois white : Jacques Picard – Berru

    Coteau champenois red: Arnaud Beaufort – Trépail

    Rosé des Riceys: Jacques Defrance – Les Riceys


    Jacques Picard – Berru

    Distillerie Goyard – Aÿ-Champagne

    3 locals breveries:

    L’Agéenne from Aÿ-Champagne

    La Tête de Chou from Epernay

    La Bouquine from Reims

    Cola des Sacres

    Organic lemonade

    Fruit juices


    Apple strawberry

    Apple raspberry

    Our philosophy Speakers of the terroirs

    Even though we are attached to the terroir of the Vallée de la Marne, we selected some grower champagnes representative of all the Champagne sub-regions. The Frigousse partners are talented, engaged growers totally invested into their common passion for the region of Champagne and its wines. These are artisans who produce some cuvees at their image and with a real identity. This wide and diversified range of champagnes will be able to respond to your expectations, to those who are looking for new talents.

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    Ce mot du parler champenois est un clin d’oeil culinaire à notre région. Selon Gustave Philipponnat, la Frigousse se traduit par ’Mets bien accommodé’.